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Aaaand relax! That was kind of the feeling when I finally finished fiddling with, a new website for Manchester that launched earlier today. Here’s what it’s all about:

CreativeTourist.comThis website has been lovingly crafted by Manchester Museums Consortium, a group of nine museums and galleries in Manchester, separate venues that have a single vision: the desire to stage intelligent, thought-provoking exhibitions and events. Oh, and to celebrate the city in which we live, work and play.

We are rightly proud and passionate about this city of ours; we hope that, by reading about some of the things happening here, and finding out more about our outstanding historic collections, you’ll start to feel the same.

This celebration of our fair city is what has particularly drawn me to the project – the promise of original, substantial editorial coverage of Manchester, the likes of which is a rare treat right now. The launch content ties in with Manchester International Festival of course – Marina Abramovic and Jeremy Deller both make appearances – but there’s also a feature connected to the Videogame Nation currently on at Urbis, for example, and another about ‘Manchester hermit’ Ansuman Biswas.

The blog section is shaping up nicely too, with the Manchizzle’s Kate Feld doing a MIF ‘cultureometer’ roundup, among other posts. Kate’s another member of the CreativeTourist team, which is being overseen by editor Susie Stubbs – winner of last year’s Manchester Blog of the Year no less. Check out the site now, and if you find it interesting sign up for regular email updates, follow it on Twitter, or become a fan on Facebook.

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Urbis is running the next session of the Urbis Research Forum on August 31st, 6.00 pm. The session is titled “The Mancunian Way: The Alchemy of Concrete” looking at how the Mancunian Way has left its impact on Manchester and its people.

panelists include Dr. Julian Holloway (mmu) Steve Millington (mmu) and Maureen Ward (manchester modernist society).

I’m a fan of this site nice to have a resource site that isn’t directed to chavs who just want to get drunk down Deansgate Locks. This is a good site for anyone new to the city, shame it wasn’t around when I first moved here! Goodluck with it

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