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Manchester Underground – and a Guardian mention!

The first Saturday in ages that I haven’t bought a Guardian and I end up being featured in it! Well, by featured I mean a five-line mention in the Guide’s blog column – but it’s much better than nothing. I think I’ll continue not to buy it in the hope of further recognition.

So a warm welcome to my fellow Guardian readers – feel free to subscribe by email or leave a comment if you like the place. And regular Mancubist readers, check out the other sites to be blogrolled here.

Meanwhile, back to the usual Manchester miscellany: someone on urban exporation website has done a recce of what they call ‘Manchester Underground’ – a series of air raid shelters under the city, accord to this poster:

There are 17 shelters in all and most of them have sub sections A. B. C etc… these are joined by one long corridor… there are numerous blocked up exits and stair wells… but the most jaw dropping feature was the toilets, the whole place was maze of small wonders…

Manchester Underground

Check out the rest of these excellent photos here.

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Congratulations on your Moment of Deserved Recognition. I hope you enjoy the wealth and fame that’s just around the corner.

Those urinal shots are terrific, aren’t they? I particularly like the one with the streak light running long the wall. I’m guessing a very long exposure with somebody walking along with a light bulb in their hand.

Keep it up, etc.

streak *of* light
*along* the wall


I have to say have a fasination with all the bunkers and tunnels under manchester and would love to get involved and have a look at the WW2 sites in manchester good luck and well done to all the people involved in the discovery of the cathedral shelters and well done for keeping it all secret if everyone knew vandels would move in and it would be wrecked for the future Who knows one day they could become some kind of museum like the shelters in stockport for everyone to see


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