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Manchester International Festival: second review

The RehearsalSo to the Temple of Convenience this evening for the final performance of the Rehearsal, a play in three parts about death. To remind you, the Temple bar on Great Bridgewater Street had a previous life as a public toilet – and it certainly still shows.

I was part of a crowd of 22 (including Noel from Hollyoaks) for this most intimate of theatre productions. The Rehearsal is technically a dialogue but, given the limited space and resources, everyone ends up involved – be it creating sound effects, adding general banter, being stood on or – in my case – delivering the third speaking part.

I’m not a huge theatre-goer, and an even lousier public speaker, but I thought the play was well written and well executed. The free beer and birthday cake probably helped sway my opinion somewhat, but an hour of quality in-your-face, on-your-lap acting for just £6 was unbeatable.

The Rehearsal, part of the Panda-monium series of events, ran yesterday and today.

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further MIF news.. you can get half price tickets for Industrial Resolution this weekend by entering HALFIT in the promo code on the booking page.


Cheeky. Where did you discover that nugget of information?

You can get in for free if you know one of the MILF organisers.


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