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Seen the www sabi rock guy lately?

If so, why not tell others about it? You can add his location, description and when you saw him to this collaborative Google Map mashup. I’ve added two recent sightings already.

Feel free to share the map using this link, or include the above map on your site using this code (change width= and height= to suit).

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I’ve just created a Flickr Group Manchester’s mysterioues Sabi Rock Man at
Please feel free to join and add any pics.

I have seen Sabi Rock guy loads in the past few weeks, like every other day what is this all about?

I have been spotting the sabi rock man for some time now and the latest sighting was today on the Princess Parkway in Chorlton. If you do see him then you can text XFM on 83977.

Exciting news. I think he’s just launched his site with music on it. Unless its someone jumping on the band wagon.

Where’s Sabi? We all do.


Stephen Newton's diary of sorts
www Sabi Rock man revealed... ManchesterÂ’s favourite cult figure the www Sabi Rock Man has finally revealed himself. Some of us have been looking out for him for months: IÂ’ve posted pics from under railway bridges and near Strangeways both of which increased my email, without exp...

Stephen Newton » Blog Archive » Sabi Rock Man Flickr Group
[...] Here’s a previously unpublished shot of him in action outside the Ducie Bridge on Miller Street and another pic taken from the other side of the road with the Co-operative Group’s New Century House HQ in the background. More rare pics of him doing his thing are available at a brand new Flickr Group: Manchester’s mysterious Sabi Rock Man, created by yours truly. This will complement others’ efforts to stalk the would-be music star. [...]

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