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The Blog Day after

How easily days pass by. One minute I’m contemplating my recommendations for Thursday’s International Blog Day, and the next minute it’s Friday.

Anyway, here are my five belated recommendations:

  1. Daily Dose of Imagery – Canadian-based, Tehranian-born Sam Javanrouh’s photoblog.
  2. New World Notes – I read an excellent Technology Guardian article about Second Life yesterday, and this blog complements it.
  3. Free Thinking Liverpool – BBC-hosted blog by Liverpool playright Esther Wilson – a ‘provocative thinker’.
  4. Simplicity – I’d like to think that, if I was American, I’d have studied at MIT. This is their media blog.
  5. LondonRubbish – Another photoblog, this time from a nameless urban photographer.

This list was created with the aid of Bloglines’ Also Read function – so I guess some are vaguely connected to this site.

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